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To celebrate Ponta dos Ganchos’ first 15 years, we are embarking upon a series of actions to bring ourselves closer than ever to our guests, to you, who are now also our DEAREST READERS!

The most important is undoubtedly the launch of our BLOG. Finally the time has come to make another dream a reality. Here there is a guarantee that this will be a super welcoming place where we are going to share with each of you the whole Ponta dos Ganchos universe. We’ll also be covering a variety of subjects that are part of our DNA, of our philosophy and our commitment to nature and sustainability. We will also have features on lifestyle, cuisine – such as amazing recipes and tips for wine and food pairings – lots on regional culture and on the experiences that only Ponta dos Ganchos offers.

Another novelty is a special corner for OUR PEOPLE, our beloved team who are always ready and willing to serve our guests, wearing those special smiles.

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