Organizing Suitcases

The end of the year is coming and the dreamed holidays seem to be ‘knocking on the door’. Traveling is a delight: a time to enjoy with family, friends or even alone. The destination? How about a beautiful beach with white sands and a blue ocean … here, summer promises days of sun shining and total relax! And even for those who have opted for colder places, we know that the challenge of almost every traveler is how to make the right suitcases for each destination. In particular, for women, who usually carries more things than men.

Mala Cheia
First choose the right suitcase: the best are the rectangular ones. Deciding the destination and the number of days is essential to define what to take, and to do the checklist with the indispensable items. Always consider the following questions: “How will the climate of the place be?”, “What possible events, activities or experiences do I want to participate in?” If it is a long stay, opt for neutral color clothes and pieces to allow several different combinations.
According to Priscilla Sabóia, Personal Organizer, the first and most important step is to anticipate. Do not organize your suitcase last minute, this way you avoid forgetting something and you can assure that everything you need, will fit right in. “To take advantage of the space that the suitcase offers you have to be able to distribute each thing in its proper place instead of putting one item on top of the other without planning.”

The best item to put first are the pants: jeans, twill, knit or any other fabric. Arrange them so that the legs are out of the suitcase. We’ll save that for the end. If the destination is beach, the sarongs should also be placed flat. For underwear, it is best to store in a bag to not take up too much space. On top of the pants, we put on shorts and skirts to keep them from getting wrinkled. Dresses can be organized like the T-shirts, rolled up to give more space. Finally, the shoes should be placed last. If the suitcase has some compartment for them, the better. If not, put them in specific shoe bags or plastic bags. As for the beauty products and medicines it is best to put them in nécessaires. This avoids possible damages to the clothes if any product leaks.
Finally, take the legs of your pants that are still out of the suitcase, fold them on the top of everything in a way that your pants “hug” all your items. Any delicate clothes should be the last ones to be put in the bag.

If you wish more details, here’s a video from the channel “Reorganize”, with Priscilla Sabóia.

Another important tip is to make a list with all the items you want to take so you don’t forget anything! The best place for accessories is the hand luggage.

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