Masterchef at your own home

How about being a Masterchef at your own home this weekend?
We all get inspired watching the Masterchef and miss when it comes to an end.
Now it is your turn to be challenged!
We have selected a special recipe, that opens our 2017 summer menu! Our chef José Nero, has chosen this recipe as it is the perfect combination between the sea and the land and together will delight your guests and family during the weekend. How about embarking with us in the world of gastronomy?

Alta Gastronomia | Camarões Tigre

Tiger prawns flambéed with Cachaça, mandioquinha purée and cashew sauce


• 6 units Tiger prawns
• 50 ml Cachaça
• 150 gr Cashew fruit
• Extra virgin olive oil for grilling
• Salt and fresh ground black pepper

Cashew Sauce

• 200 ml Cashew fruit juice
• 2 tablespoons of sugar
• 4 tablespoons heavy cream
• 80 gr Fresh cashew fruit
• Salt and fresh ground black pepper

Mandioquinha purée:

• 300 gr mandioquinha
• 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
• ½ cup milk
• Salt and fresh ground black pepper


• Peel the mandioquinhas and cook in boiling water with salt. When they are cooked, drain and pass through the potato masher. Season with salt and pepper, add butter and milk, set aside.

• Blend the cashew fruit juice with the fresh cashew fruit in the blender. Put this juice to reduce over low heat with sugar, always removing the foam that forms on top.

• After reduced by half, put the cream and let it reduce a little more, set aside.

• Season the tiger prawns with salt and black pepper and grill them in olive oil. Add a fresh cashew fruit cut in half in the pan and flambé with the cachaça.

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