Praia de Fora

A paradise for fishing and surfing, the beach at Praia de Fora is a true hideaway in the middle of Ganchos bay. This beach has intact native vegetation and access is relatively easy even for people who do not go trekking regularly. It is accessed from the Ganchos de Fora Beach by following a small trail through Atlantic rain forest. Praia de Fora has a 100-metre stretch of bright white sand with crystal-clear waters and from her you can see Ilha Grande and Praia de Palmas. It’s known as the place from which to watch the most beautiful sunrise in the region, and in June and July at dusk and dawn you can see the local fisherman use traditional methods to haul in shoals of grey mullet, a regional and seasonal delicacy.


About an hour’s walk will get you to Praia dos Ilhéus, which can only be reached by trails. This is a true paradise, where the scenery is lush native vegetation. This deserted beach is the ideal spot for surfing and is visited by surfers from all over Brazil in search of radical waves. Don’t miss the chance to visit this beautifully preserved piece of Governador Celso Ramos.

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