New Year’s Eve

Undoubtedly, the most expected season of the year, and along with it the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family in a charming setting full of good energy. To welcome the season and the year 2020 Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort exclusively presents one of the most special New Year’s Eve parties in Brazil.

As every ending brings a new beginning, guests will be amazed every moment with various activities carefully planned in every detail, to make the whole experience unforgettable and magical. The starred night begins with a special New Year’s Eve dinner menu. For the occasion, a menu prepared by the resort’s executive chef, José Nero.

The Veleza corner takes on vibrant tones and delights everyone with a view of the Emerald Coast sea. In the open space the DJ leads a big party! A drink menu, specially chosen by the resort’s sommelier, build up the night until the awaited moment of the final toast. With the feet in the sand midnight, and at the time of the new year, fireworks will enchant even more the starry sky.

Do not forget the traditional and exciting ritual with wooden boats that are delivered to guests in the bungalow, symbolizing the opening of new paths, the celebration of a year and a blessed new cycle.



New Year’s rates


For further information and reservations, Ponta dos Ganchos team will be available on +55 (11) 2050-8550 and +55 (48) 3262-5000 or by e-mail on