Celebrate Love

A regional tradition united by a global trend: The Elopement Wedding at Ponta dos Ganchos was designed especially for couples that dream with an intimate ceremony – maybe even a secret one – where the only people are the bride and the groom.
Away from friends and family, yes. But with all the attention to details in a paradisiac scenery and memoires that will last a life long time.

In Governador Celso Ramos, where the Exclusive Resort is located, there is a strong tradition: if the daughter sleeps outside the home, she is said to have “escaped” or “married” someone. And that’s all about the Elopement Wedding.

The package includes: Dinner on the private island, decoration and ceremony in the island with violin, flower bouquet and a photo album.
Extra touches like: massage for the couple, hair & make up, manicure & pedicure can also be reserved.

You dream wedding awaits you!