Top 10 Leading Hotels of the World

Top 10 Leading Hotels of The World | 2019 Reference in luxury hotels in Brazil and recognized by the prestigious seal The Leading Hotels of the World, Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort. Stands out for the second consecutive year as The Best Hotel in the Americas and is among The Top 10 hotels in the […]

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Do it at home

When we talk about gardening at home, creativity is the key word. Nothing like having the privilege of consuming vegetables and spices without any type of pesticide and the best, within your own home. Whether in small or large spaces it is possible to program a vegetable garden. Around here, the organic vegetable garden was […]

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Masterchef at your own home

How about being a Masterchef at your own home this weekend? We all get inspired watching the Masterchef and miss when it comes to an end. Now it is your turn to be challenged! We have selected a special recipe, that opens our 2017 summer menu! Our chef José Nero, has chosen this recipe as […]

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The Chef’s Choice

A sustainable menu that is renewed every season to offer our guests much more than just a menu – a true gastronomic experience. Our proximity to the sea and the opportunity to obtain fresh produce and ingredients, many from local suppliers, means that our guests almost unanimously choose dishes based on fish, mussels and oysters. […]

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